Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

On October 24th, 2015, Counter-intelligence Department under the State Security Service of Georgia, on the basis of operative-searching activities and information disseminated in the mass-media, has launched investigation under the article 315, I part, envisaging conspiracy aimed at overthrowing state authorities and seizing power.

Relevant operative and investigative activities are being carried out and operative information is being studied in the framework of the investigation. It’s also worth noting, that any information related to the investigation that is disseminated through mass-media is revised and every person useful for the investigation will be interrogated.

We call on everyone to refrain from making any statements and dissemination of any information, which is addressed to form wrong social opinion. Despite the statements mentioned above, investigation is being continued in order to establish objective truth. State Security Service of Georgia will inform public on the developments and results of the case.