Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

Counter-intelligence Department under the State Security Service of Georgia, on the basis of secret audio recording disseminated in the media, has launched investigation under the article 315, I part, envisaging conspiracy to Alter Constitutional Structure of Georgia by Violence.

All the essential activities will be carried out in order to establish the origin and authenticity of the record, as well as investigative activities will be held. The expertise will be conducted in order to identify the voices. Relevant notices are sent to Akaki Minashvili and Nugzar Tsklauri and they are summoned for questioning at the Counterintelligence Department today at 18:00.

According to the investigation interest legal assistance requests will be sent to all relevant countries.

State Security Service of Georgia will not allow any attempts of destabilization in the country and in case of confirming the crime the persons will bear punishment in accordance with the law.