Anti-corruption Agency under SSG Detained one Person  on the Fact of Bribery

The officers of Anti-corruption Agency under the State Security Service of Georgia, as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities detained Giorgi Melashvili, head of Education, Culture, Sports, Youth Affairs and Social Care Department under  Oni Municipality Administrative unit on the fact of bribery.

Investigation established, that Giorgi Melashvili while fulfilling his duties and by means of misusing his powers promised representative a tender-winner company, that once works envisaged by the tender were accoplished, he would ensure smooth delivery of the project so that the company would face no problems from tender commission and inspection group and in return demanded and received 2000 GEL as a bribe. Giorgi Melashvili was detained by officers of Anti-corruption Agency on the fact of receiving bribe. Abovementioned amount of money was seized as evidence.

Investigation is carried out on the fact of bribery. (Article 338 of Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages from 6 to 9 years of imprisonment).

Investigation is carried out by Anti-corruption Agency under SSG.

Upon the ruling issued by Tbilisi City Court, Giorgi Melashvili is sentenced to imprisonment.