IPRM Meeting Held in Gali

45th IPRM Meeting was held in Gali. The representatives of the Central Government alongside participants of the meeting discussed recent important incidents that took place in occupied territory and its vicinities.

During the meeting particular attention was paid to Georgian citizen Giga Otkhozoria’s issue, who was murdered in village Khurtcha, Zugdidi region on 19th of May, 2016.

The representatives of the Central Government consider it the principal position, that Rashid Kanji-Oghli, the accused of Otkhozoria’s murder, ought to be detained.

During the meeting, the parties also discussed the illegal detention of Archiko and Paata Rogava, in village Rike, Zugdidi region. Representatives of the Central Government made a clear statement, that detention and two-month pre-trial “imprisonment” sentence is illegal and it is important that they are released.

During the meeting the issue of Giorgi Lukava, citizen of Georgia who is illegally detained in so-called prison of Abkhazia was discussed.

Talks were also held on safe cultivation of agricultural land in the vicinities of occupation line.

Next IPRM meeting will be held on May 31st, 2017.