IPRM Meeting Held in Gali

46th IPRM meeting was held in Gali. Representatives of Central Government alongside participants of the meeting discussed important incidents that took place during recent month.

During the meeting particular attention was paid to murder of Georgian citizen Giga Otkhozoria on May 19, 2016. Representatives of the Central Government highlighted, that it is important to detain Rashid Kanji Oghli who is convicted of murder which was followed by the statement of representatives of de-facto government, that so-called prosecutor’s office quitted the criminal prosecution against him. State Security Service of Georgia considers this statement as extremely negative and unambiguously cynical. State Security Service of Georgia will employ any possible leverage, so that the convicted will face charges in Georgia.

During the meeting talks were also held on so-called “borderisation” which has become more active during the recent period, as well as problems of local residents caused by closure of so-called check-points. Representatives of Central Government of Georgia highlighted, that illegal actions violate fundamental rights of local residents and damage security environment on the ground.

Representatives of Central Government also discussed detention facts of Georgian citizens, who are illegally “imprisoned”.

Next IPRM meeting will be held on 28th of June.