IPRM meeting was held in Ergneti

81st IPRM meeting was held in Ergneti. Representatives of the Central Government alongside the participants of the meeting discussed recent incidents that took place at the occupation line and in its vicinities, as well as existing security challenges of the occupied on the ground.

During the meeting, participants held talks on the necessity to release Giorgi Giunashvili who is held illegal prisoner in so-called Tskhinvali prison, as well as urgent need to transparently investigate David Basharuli case who went missing since 2014 and found dead afterwards. Particular attention was paid to on-purpose deterioration of houses of Georgian residents in the Village Eredvi and attempted facts in order to erase Georgian traces.

Representatives of the Central Government also discussed the recent facts of so-called “Borderization” in the vicinities of the occupation line and its negative impacts.
Next IPRM meeting will be held on 16th of November, 2017.