IPRM Meeting Held in Gali

50th IPRM meeting was held in Gali. During the meeting, representatives of the Central Government paid particular attention to Giga Otkhozoria murder case that took place on 19th of May, 2017 in village Khurcha. Talks were also held on the issues of the citizens, who were illegally detained for crossing of so-called border and are not released up to date.

Representatives of the Central government also highlighted the importance of the “Hot Line” and stressed necessity of exchanging valid and revised information through it. During the meeting participants discussed the detention of resident of village Gagra Koba Okudzhava. 

Prior to 50th IPRM meeting, by the initiative of the UN and with the participation of international experts information session was held. During the session, participants of IPRM meeting were introduced to international experience in terms of efficient efforts against crime in conflict regions.

 Next IPRM meeting will be held on 28th of November, 2017.