Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

According to the information of the State Security Service of Georgia, Georgian nationals: Levan Kutashvili and Ioseb Pavliashvili,who were illegally detained in Akhalgori on February 22, 2018, are released  from Tskhinvali so-called prison. According to the existing data, for the time being, they are in the occupied Akhalgori.

The State Security Service of Georgia calls on Russian occupation forces and representatives of the de-facto government, that they do not create any artificial barriers during the process of travel of the mentioned individuals in the direction of the Central Government-controlled territory.

The State Security Service of Georgia is actively negotiating with the de-facto government through “Hot Line” the issue of moving deceased Georgian national Archil Tatunashvili,who died in unclear circumstances from the occupied Tskhinvali region to Central Government-controlled territory.