Anti-corruption Agency under SSSG Brought 7 Individuals to Criminal Justice

Anti-corruption Agency under the State Security Service of Georgia as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities, exposed: Nodar Sh., head of Infrastructure, Spatial Arrangement, Architecture and Monument Protection service under Gurjaani Municipality City Hall, Teimuraz B., head of Infrastructure section under the same service, Giorgi A., 1st category senior specialist of the 3rd rank of construction unit, Ivane K.,, 1st category senior specialist of the 3rd rank of supervision and local charges administration of legal affairs service under Gurjaani Municipality City Hall, Dimitri K., former 1st deputy of Gurjaani Municipality Gamgebeli, former head of Supervision Service under Gurjaani Municipality and Dimitri A., former representative of Gurjaani Municipality Gamgebeli in administrative unit on the facts of undue fulfillment by an official and neglect of official duties.

Investigation established, that in 2017 a contract on rehabilitation of municipality-owned building located on Sarajishvili street of city of Gurjaani and recreational development of its yard was signed between Gurjaani Municipality Gamgeoba and Ltd. “Mokhele”, total value of which is GEL 44 849,98.

According to the order issued by Gurjaani Municipality Gamgebeli, established commission composed of the following people: chairman of the commission Dimitri K., and commission members: Nodar Sh., Durmishkhan A., Teimuraz B., Giorgi A. and Dimitri A., was to supervise the ongoing construction services and other works envisaged by the state procurement.

 Ltd. “Mokhele” implemented works estimated cost of which was GEL 29 048,11 instead of GEL 44 849,98 envisaged by the contract. Despite of imperfectly implemented works, the director and founder of Ltd.” Mokhele”  Temur P. composed so-called Forms №2 which contained forged information in a total amount of GEL 43 351,07 and presented the mentioned forms to Gurjaani Municipality.

After the mentioned documentation was presented, the members of the commission fulfilled their duties unduly, did not examine the implemented works and composed conclusions according to which the works had been carried out in compliance with presented estimate and forms №2. On the basis of the mentioned conclusion Gamgebeli implemented acceptance of constructional work that led to the final payment.

Thus, Temur P. misappropriated Gurjaani Municipality-owned money in especially large quantities GEL 14 302,96 due to undue fulfillment of official duties by Dimitri k.,, Nodar Sh.,, Durmishkhan A., Teimuraz B., Giorgi A.,, Ivane K., and Dimitri A.

Investigation is Carried out on the fact of neglect of official duties (Article 342, Part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia), which envisages imprisonment up to 3 years.

Investigation is carried out by Anti-corruption Agency under the State Security Service of Georgia.