Ruslan Shavadze convicted on the case of supporting terrorism is detained

As a result of operative-searching activities conducted by the officers of the Counter-Terrorism Center of the State Security Service of Georgia, together with the Adjara Police Department and the Special Tasks Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, wanted Ruslan Shavadze, born in 1997, convicted on the case of supporting terrorism was detained on August 9, in Batumi, Georgia.

By the judgement of July 27, 2018 of Tbilisi City Court, Ruslan Shavadze has been found guilty for joining foreign terrorist organization, assisting it in terrorist activities and illegal crossing of the Georgian state border in group.

Ruslan Shavadze was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment in absentia under the Article 328 and 1st and 2nd paragraphs of Article 344 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Based on the investigation and obtained evidences it was established that on October 27, 2017, Akhmed Chataev, together with Ibragim Adashev and Ruslan Shavadze illegally crossed Kirnati-Maradidi green border section of Georgian-Turkish border. Other members of their criminal group who also supported them were found guilty by Tbilisi City Court. 

Akhmed Chataev, Ibragim Adashev and Ruslan Shavadze, together with other members of their criminal group, accommodated in Tbilisi, on Gabriel Salosi Avenue, in the flat, selected by their accomplices in advance, where the special operation was conducted on November 21-22, 2017. During the operation two terrorists – Ibragim Adashev and Aslanbeg Soltakhmadov were killed, Akhmed Chataev blew himself up. Shoaip Borziev was detained. During the mentioned operation the special unit officer of the State Security Service of Georgia Ivane Golashvili died. The officers of The State Security Service of Georgia and The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia wounded.

Ruslan Shavadze left the flat a few hours before the beginning of the operation and hid. During the investigation process he was charged in absentia, searching was announced against him and active searching activities were going aiming at his detention.

Based on the existing information, in September 2016, Ruslan Shavadze illegally crossed the green border of Georgia on the territory of village Maradidi and entered the territory of Turkey.Ruslan Shavadze joined the group of Akhmed Chataev on the territory of Syria-Iraq and was involved in fighting.

After some period, when Chataev left the territory of Syria-Iraq, Ruslan Shavadze went to Turkey together with him.

Counterterrorism Center of the State Security Service of Georgia continues investigative activities on the criminal case.