Anticorruption agency under the State Security Service of Georgia Brought One Individual to Criminal Justice

The officers of Anticorruption Agency under the State Security Service of Georgia, as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities brought to criminal justice the secretary of the single public assistance commission for vulnerable families of Sighnaghi municipality Natia P., on the facts of attempted fraud through misuse of powers, swindling and falsification in service.

Investigation established, that Natia P. through abuse of official authority and forgery of data of socially vulnerable persons, appropriated the money of social assistance. Total fraudulent misappropriation is  GEL 1450.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of attempted swindling in large quantities (Article 19-180 part II Subparagraph “B” and part  III, subparagraph “A”, Article 180, part II Subparagraph “B” , part III subparagraph “A” and Article 341,which envisages from 6 to 9 years of imprisonment). Investigation is carried out by Anticorruption Agency under State Security Service of Georgia.