The Deputy Head of State Security Service of Georgia Delivered a Speech at the 3rd International Forum for Regional Stability

Grigol Liluashvili, the Deputy Head of the State Security Service of Georgia delivered a speech at the 3rd Tbilisi International Forum for Regional Stability: “Black Sea Region and the Global Nuclear Order”.

The main goal of the Tbilisi International Forum is to promote nuclear non-proliferation in the region as well as to reinforce national security of Georgia and the globe.

The forum will discuss the following issues: Nuclear security of the Black Sea region and control mechanisms; International, regional and national efforts to reduce the threats of nuclear terrorism; Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks mitigation as well as existing challenges in this regard on the occupied territories controlled by the Russian Federation.

Irakli Mchedlishvili, member of Civil Council on Defense and Security of Georgia, Merab Malania, Deputy Minister of the Internal Affairs of Georgia, David Dondua, Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Vasil Gedevanishvili, Head of Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Georgia, Elizabeth Rood, US Embassy Chargé d’Affairs and Viviana Sandberg, the acting director of Swedish Radiation Safety Authority also addressed participants of the Forum.

The Forum was organized by the Civil Council on Defense and Security of Georgia under the auspices of the State Security Service of Georgia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Georgia. The financial support was provided by the US State Department and Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

The forum brings together Georgian and foreign experts working in the field of nuclear and radiological security, also officials from the US, Europe and Black Sea region.  Participating countries are actively involved in the annual review of the “Treaty on the  Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons".

„An effort and actions of our agency to prevent nuclear threats are very important not only in the county, but in a regional scope. Today, our partner agencies successfully share international experience accumulated by the State Security Service of Georgia in this field from another countries and international organizations. Georgia is a good example for them as the most successful country in the field of fight against nuclear threat”- said Grigol Liluashvili, Deputy Head of the State Security Service of Georgia.

“We will discuss such technical issues as border management, chemical and biological security, how the Black Sea countries manage to handle existing threats and challenges, what kind of institutional and legislative frameworks they have as well as capabilities of the government agencies, their action plans and strategies for managing these threats”- said Shorena Lortkipanidze, the representative of Civil Council on Defense and Security of Georgia.

“The US Government has a long history of cooperation with the State Security Service of Georgia in the field of non-proliferation, in the field of counter-terrorism and in ways we can make our countries and the region safe.

The Threat of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear weapons falling in the hand of terrorists or other malicious actors is very real one. Black Sea region faces particular challenges in this regard. The United States has long cooperated with Georgia and other partners in the region to reduce and mitigate these challenges. We are very pleased for the 3rd time Georgia is hosting this important conference, where experts in this field will discuss ways of cooperation at the regional and international level to secure Nuclear, Biological, Radiological materials, prevent their smuggling and falling into wrong hands, thereby making this region and the world safer place” - said H.E. Elizabeth Rood, US Embassy Chargé d’Affairs.

“The cooperation between France and the State Security Service of Georgia is excellent and thanks to this cooperation we have made a lot of progress in the fight against international terrorism. I think, there is a mutual trust between the two organizations, there is a lot of trainings, exchange of experts and it’s certainly one source of pride for us to have this acceleration with your State Security organization.

France wants in this region peace and stability and in the field of fight against terrorism and fight against proliferation weapons of mass destruction we are very active. As you know, next year we would be chairing the organization in charge of the fight against spread of weapons and materials of Mass distruction, will take initiatives in this field and we have been also inviting Georgia in International partnership against impunity of use of chemical weapons. I think that international community has to be united in this whole matter because the threat is there” - Said Pascal Meunier, H.E. Ambassador of France to Georgia.