Interagency Commission had Decided to Submit the National Counterterrorism Strategy and its Action Plan to the Government of Georgia

Under the chairmanship of the State Security Service of Georgia, the 2nd meeting of the Permanent Interagency Commission on Elaboration and Monitoring of Implementation of the National Counterterrorism Strategy and Relevant Action Plan has been held. The members of the Commission has taken the decision on submitting the National Counterterrorism Strategy and its Action Plan to the Government of Georgia.

The meeting was opened by the chairman of the Commission, Alexander Tabatadze. Tabatadze has reviewed the Counterterrorism Strategy, the process of elaboration of the Action Plan and expressed gratitude to the agencies for the work performed. Particular attention has been paid to the interagency cooperation in the course of implementation of National Counterterrorism Strategy and the Action Plan and the issues of conduct and powers of the Commission. The participants of the meeting have taken the decision to establish interagency thematic groups under the coordination of the secretariat of the Commission.

It is worth noting, that once approved, National Counterterrorism Strategy will become a public document available for any interested person. The document sets forth threats and challenges in relation to terrorism and extremism facing the country, as well as unified vision, purposes and objectives of the Government that are intended to tackle them. Strategy pays particular attention to collection and analysis of terrorism, extremism and radicalization-related information by state authorities within their competence. Implementation of preventive measures are emphasized in the scope of counterterrorism vision.

The Permanent Interagency Commission has been established under the Government Decree with the objective of determining Georgia’s unified policy in the field of counterterrorism, minimizing and preventing existing threats facing the country, as well as, promoting coordinated action of the state authorities.