Head of the State Security Service Attended First Meeting of National Security Council

First meeting of National Security Council under the leadership of Mr. Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia, has been held. Permanent members of the Council received certain tasks from Prime Minister.
Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Secretary of the National Security Council Giorgi Gakharia, touched upon the structure of Prime Minister’s Advisory Agency. The Council is equipped with the mandate of the National Security policy planning and coordination on a strategic level.
The National Security Council will be a coordinating body of every agency, which is engaged in ensuring the country’s security and will inform Prime Minister on country’s security-related issues.
The next meeting of the National Security Council will be held in a month.
Today’s meeting of the National Security Council has been attended by the permanent members of the Council: Ministers of Interior and Defence, Heads of the State Security and Ingelligence Services and the Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces. The meeting has also been attended by the representative of the President of Georgia.