Anti-corruption Agency of the State Security Service of Georgia Detained One Individual on the Fact of Fraud and Brought One Individual to Justice on the Fact of Entrepreneurial Negligence

The officers of Anti-corruption Agency of the State Security Service of Georgia, as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities, on the basis of judge's ruling, detained founder and director of Georgian-American Construction Company, Ltd. - Nugzar B. on the fact of fraud, while founder and director of Argi Group, Ltd - Giorgi Kh. has been brought to justice on the fact of entrepreneurial negligence.

Investigation established that the winner of the electronic tender announced by Sagarejo Municipality Administration on arrangement of public garden on Kostava Street of town of Sagarejo - director and owner of 100% share of Argi Group, LTD. - Giorgi Kh., hired as a sub-contractor "Georgian-American Constructing Company Ltd., director of which - Nugzar B. through including incorrect data in the paper work misappropriated GEL 8 886,18 belonging to Sagarejo Municipality.

On the other hand, director and founder of Argi Group Ltd. - Giorgi Kh., who on the basis of agreement signed with Sagarejo Municipality was responsible for the quality and feasibility of conducted work, unduly fulfilled his official duty due to the careless attitude, did not examine the fulfilled works and has confirmed presented paper work (Application N2) to Nugzar B., on the basis of which, works conducted by Argi Group Ltd has been accepted.

Investigation is in progress on the facts of fraud and entrepreneurial negligence (Article 180, paragraph 2, sub-paragraph "B" and Article 2201, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of Georgia which envisages form 4 to 7 years of imprisonment). Investigation is carried out by the Anti-corruption Agency of the State Security Service of Georgia.