Deputy Head of State Security Service of Georgia Provided Information on Current Situation in the Occupied Territories and Along the Occupation Line to the Parlament of Georgia

Alexander Khojevanishvili, Deputy Head of State Security Service of Georgia and Ioseb Chelidze, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia provided information on the current situation in the occupied territories of Georgia and along the occupation line at the united sitting of temporary commission related to restoration of territorial integrity of Georgia and de-occupation issues of the Parlament of Georgia, Defense and Security and Foreign Affairs committees.

Within the scope of the presentation, provided by the State Security Service and in the course of the follow-up Q/A regime, a discussion has been held on the threats emanated from the occupied territories, as well as current challenges in the field of security along the occupation line. Attention has been focused on the major crucial issues related to the threats stemming from the occupied territories, particular emphasis has been put on the dangerous provocative activities of the occupation forces.

In the context of the threats which exist as a result of occupation, discrimination of native Georgian residents of Georgian ethnicity on ethnic grounds, infringement on life and health of Georgian citizens, their illegal detention, illegal process of so-called “Borderization”, restriction of free movement, access to education and other fundamental rights has been also discussed. Talks have been held on engagement of the State Security Service of Georgia in the process of elaboration and implementation of the steps directed against occupation.