The State Security Service of the State Security Service has launched an investigation into the fact of racial discrimination (EN)

According to the intelligence data of the State Security Department, there are groups of individuals, as well as certain individuals in Georgia who are striving to incite national rivalry between ethnic Georgians and Azerbaijanis in Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions.

Mentioned individuals actively exploit in a negative context matters accumulated throughout years, incorrect articulation of which as if on the grounds of patriotic motives, as well as in case of deliberate public appeals towards some ethnic groups, in the regions of Georgia densely populated by ethnic Azerbaijanis, pose an obvious threat to a peaceful co-existence with ethnic Georgian residents.
In particular, mentioned individuals, through infringing the matters of state’s and government’s competence, are trying to exploit the issues arising in Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions in order to incite national rivalry.

The group of individuals, through disseminating incorrect and aggressive appeals, is striving to split citizens of Georgia of Georgian and Azerbaijani ethnicity, which is followed, from both sides, by statements and activities degrading national honor and dignity, while causing national rivalry, the group of individuals hopes that illegal abuse of human rights on ethnic ground will take place.

The group of individuals is trying to portray a situation through its public statements or ideology, as if ethnic Georgians are given advantage in comparison to other citizens of Georgia of ethnic minority, which increases risks of arising of a national conflict.

The State Security Department of the State Security Service of Georgia is carrying out an investigation into the fact of racial discrimination, i.e. an act committed by a group of individuals to incite national or racial rivalry or discord in order to degrade national honor and dignity, as well as direct or indirect restriction of human rights or giving advantage to the person based on race, color, national or ethnic belonging, which has substantially breached his/her right, a crime envisaged by article 1421, paragraph 3, sub-paragraph “A" of the Criminal Code of Georgia.