The officers of the State Security Service of Georgia detained two persons

The officers of the Anti-corruption Agency and Counter terrorism Center of the State Security Service, as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities, on the basis of court ruling, detained two citizens of Islamic Republic of Iran residing in Georgia on the fact of illegal entrepreneurial activities.

Investigation established that the mentioned individuals carried out money transfers from Georgia to the banking system of the Islamic Republic of Iran without necessary permit and license for the mentioned activity bypassing the banking system of Georgia. As a result of this, the charged individuals received income in large quantities in exchange for money conversion and transfer services. It has been established that, as a result of illegal entrepreneurial activities conducted by the charged individuals turnover of money amounted to GEL 12 603 569, while received income estimated to GEL 504 142 in total. As a result of search conducted in charged individuals’ offices, USD 155 897 and EURO 8 739 and GEL 66 673 have been seized.

Investigation is in progress into the fact of illegal entrepreneurial activities. Investigation is carried out by Anti-corruption Agency of the State Security Service.