Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

We would like to comment on inhomogeneous and in frequent cases incorrect information disseminated in society on illegal detentions carried out by the occupation regime and on occupation issue in general. At the same time, State Security Service explicitly states that the Service appreciates media’s interest and supports the protest of civil society which is directed against illegal detentions and occupation.

 I would like to highlight that illegal detentions, illegal process of so-called borderization and other accompanying outcomes of the occupation, represent a full responsibility of the Russian Federation as a power carrying out effective control over the occupied territories.

I would like to remind the society that illegal detentions carried out by the occupation regime have been occurring since Russia-Georgia 2008 war. Following 2008, the occupation force detains dozens of citizens of Georgia annually. Since the mentioned date, there have not been a single year without numerous illegal detentions.  For instance, in the direction of occupied Tskhinvali, up to 80 people were detained throughout 2009, in 2010 also up to 80 people were detained, in 2011 the number of detained people reached 140, which has been one of the highest index in the statistics of the illegal detentions, in 2012 up to 110 people were illegally detained. In 2019 and 2020 the number of illegally detained people reached 86 and 64.

The abovementioned statistics indicate that the occupation force carries out illegal detentions since the very day of establishing of the occupation regime and the reason for this is not the unchanged policy implemented by the State in the direction of the occupied territories, but the occupation itself resulted from the Russia-Georgia 2008 war.

Hence, the narrative on more frequent illegal detentions is incorrect. Obviously, it is incorrect to connect so-called more frequent illegal detentions with the policy carried out by the state with regard to occupation both in general, as well as in relation to security policy. 

We would like to highlight the state’s obligation to disseminate information on illegal detentions.

An incorrect opinion is being disseminated that allegedly the state conceals information on both facts of detentions, as well as the identities of the detainees.  I assert with full responsibility that the information on the illegally detained people is disseminated due to their best interest. The fact of every single illegal detention is assessed on individual basis when the state reserves the right to define respective time to disclose the fact, because, quite frequently, the disseminated information might be damaging for the process of release of the illegally detained person.  There have been numerous such cases. As for the statistics of the detained people, this information is public and available for any interested person.

Taking in consideration all above-mentioned, the narrative on concealing by the state the facts of illegal detentions is incorrect and mislead both media and society.

We observe the need to comment on contradictory information disseminated in relation to the measures implemented by state in the direction of release of illegally detained people and the publicity of such measures.

The state addresses the illegal detentions through every leverage at its disposal. The Central Government has got both official, as well as unofficial tools: Hot Line functioning within the framework of the EUMM, IPRM meetings and International Geneva Discussions.

From the very moment of illegal detention, the state activates the official tools and in most cases, shares the information on this to the society. However, recently, particular persons deliberately inoculate the feeling of nihilism and hopelessness in relation to the official tools.  

We clearly state that incitement of negative and nihilist sentiments in relation to Hot Line, IPRM, Geneva Discussions and other official tools, represents the interest of the occupation regime.

Alongside the international partners, great effort is being put for smooth functioning of IPRM and Hot Line. Any statement, which portrays activating of the Lit Line as a routine and a worthless procedure, coincides with the narrative of the occupation regime and as a minimum refers to unawareness of a person or a group of persons. 

As for the sharing by state detailed information on release, you are aware that occupation represents a challenge in terms of state security.  The implemented work contains specific, in some cases classified information, hence, it is clear, that publicity is not a state’s obligation and dissemination of the information is carried out in a gradual manner only in case of necessity. This is why the narrative according to which the state does not work in direction of release of the illegally detained persons, because the public is not informed on that, is incorrect.


Society’s protest in relation to the fact of illegal detention is legitimate. State Security Service shares the mentioned protest, however, during the protest particular public and state security interests shall necessarily be taken in consideration. 

We clearly state that holding of crowded protest meeting in the vicinities of the occupation line, might significantly damage security situation on the ground. Moreover, within the mentioned process, civilians and police might face direct threat.

Any protests action stemming from the illegal detention, which will pose threat to functioning of critical infrastructure of Georgia and police divisions present in the occupation line, fully coincides with the purposes and tasks of the occupation regime.

It should be reiterated that politicizing of security matters, in particular those related to the illegal detentions and so-called borderization, critically damages processes and indicates unprofessionalism of those who carries this out.  Bringing political narrative in while discussing particular illegal detention causes ambiguity and makes consistent discussion of the matter impossible.  Politicizing of illegal detentions and creating political instability as a result of this, represent one of the purposes of the occupation regime.

State Security Service reiterates its support to the families of illegally detained persons and expressly states that every person who had been illegally detained, have been released. People who are currently illegally detained will also be release.

Upon the end of the statement, I would like to share with you a positive change in terms of free movement across the occupation line. Almost after one-year restriction through application of certain regulations, movement across the occupation line in the direction of Abkhazia has been restored.

The mentioned fact represents an extremely significant positive change, This fact will give our  fellow citizens residing in occupied Abkhazia an opportunity to travel to the central government-controlled territory in compliance with the corona virus regulations, visit their family members and relatives and resort to particular  advantages offered by state.