Officers of Anti-corruption Agency Detained One Individual

The officers of Anti-corruption Agency of the State Security Service of Georgia, as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities, on the basis of court ruling, detained a senior specialist of Economy, Architecture and Infrastructure Development Service of Shuakhevi Municipality City Hall on the fact of bribe-taking.

Investigation establishes that the employee of Shuakhevi Municipality City Hall promised an investor to put up for auction two premises for registering contracts of tenancy and further official protection in exchange for GEL 4 000. As promised, a premise located in village Zamleti of Shuakhevi municipality had been put up for auction with his direct engagement, in which the above-mentioned investor won. Upon registering of a contract of tenancy, the employee of Shuakhevi Municipality City Hall received a part of demanded amount, GEL 2 5000 as a bribe.

Investigation is carried out according Article 338, part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Investigation is carried out by the Anti-corruption Agency.