Anti-corruption Agency under State Security Service of Georgia Disclosed Swindling Scheme

The officers of Anti-corruption Agency under State Security Service of Georgia detained 5 persons on the fact of swindling. The detainees are the employees of elevators technical supervision service of LEPL Tbilisi Municipal Laboratory, under Tbilisi Municipality City Hall – head of group Shamil Kordzadze, technical supervisors of elevators Giorgi Tsirdava and Archil Mikadze, entrepreneur Giorgi Tskhvaradze and director general of  Ltd. “Georgian Lift service” Vakhtang Gomberidze.

On this stage, investigation established, that the employees of lifts technical supervision of LEPL Tbilisi Municipal Laboratory misappropriated budget-allocated money, with the help of firms operating under the registration of allied individuals.

In particular, the abovementioned persons, in order to get private material gain, lobbied and gave advantages to firms, operating under the registration of their relatives and close friends: entrepreneur Giorgi Tskhvaradze and Ltd. “Georgian Lift service”.

With the help of the abovementioned firms, employees of Tbilisi Municipal Laboratory had been artificially increasing initial calculation costs meant for lifts repair works in advance, drew the conclusions to be presented at local administrative units themselves to prove that the list of works to be carried out, as well as mentioned prices were realistic, corresponded to the elevator condition and that funding was advisable. Upon the improper completion of the works, the members of the criminal group submitted final calculation costs (Form 2), as if the companies had accomplished the mentioned works, which was sealed and confirmed with signatures. It is worth noting, that calculation costs estimation, works supervision as well as technical control was within the competence of the Tbilisi Municipal Laboratory.

As a result of investigative activities, traceological conclusion and document study carried out in the frames of Financial-Economic revision, it was revealed, that overpaid sum for 9 lifts repair works accomplished in Vake and Saburtalo districts amounts to 13 174 GEL.

Investigation is carried out on the fact of swindling committed by a group. (Article 180, part II, subparagraph “A” of the Criminal Code of Georgia).

Investigation is carried out by Anti-corruption Agency under State Security Service of Georgia. Investigation is continued in order to disclose other persons and new circumstances.