Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

We would like to respond to the recent deliberate disinformation on massive and uncontrolled flow of foreign citizens to Georgia, in particular of the citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

The public is being intimidated that among the travelers there are so-called diversionists, terrorism-related groups and etc.
We would like to state with full responsibility that current security situation in the country is in full control. State Security Service alongside other relevant authorities are actively carrying out all necessary measures in order to minimize possible risks and challenges, as well as to monitor all individuals staying in the country who may represent any potential risk.
As a result of implemented measures, security situation in the country remains peaceful and safe. No tendencies are observed that the citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus and other foreign countries tend to carry out activities that pose risk to the country’s security.

It also should be noted that throughout the recent period the number of travelers into Georgia does not exceed the statistics of the same period of last years. Georgia upholds the sovereign right of a foreign citizen to enter the territory of the country in full compliance with the legislation, in accordance with the existing risks and challenges.