Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

Military Intelligence of Ukraine has released the information on Georgia’s special services alleged clandestine contacts with the relevant services of the Russian Federation with the purpose to organize transfer of contraband cargo through Georgia’s territory.

According to Georgian legislation, the above-mentioned act falls under the category of extremely serious crime. We call on Ukraine to immediately provide us with the evidence proving this information in order to ensure legal response. The Government of Georgia will be uncompromising with regard to any possible case of such crime.

We would also like to mention that State Security Service held meeting with the representative of the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia yesterday. In the scope of the meeting, State Security Service enquired about the grounds in accordance to which this information had been released and asked for sharing detailed information on the mentioned matter.

We would like to remind Ukrainian side that sharing of such information is envisaged by multiple bilateral agreements.
In other circumstances it will be deemed that the released statement is a deliberate misinformation, represents an extremely unfriendly and provocative step and aims at stirring domestic unrest in Georgia which with or without meaning serves only the interests of hostile forces.