The Counterterrorism Center arrested one of the leaders of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (EN)

The Counterterrorism Center of the State Security Service of Georgia, as a result of conducted special operation arrested one of the leaders of the terrorist organization "Islamic State", a citizen of Georgia Malkhaz Paksashvili on the basis of court decesion.

On the basis of evidence obtained as a result of joint activities within the framework of investigation carried out by the Counterterrorism Center, General Prosecutor's Office of Georgia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, it has been established that the mentioned individual left Georgia for Syria in 2013 and joined the terrorist organization "Islamic State".

In 2013-2015 he had been a member of the group of so-called "Military Emirs" of brothers Tsezar and Tsiskara Tokhosashvili and had been taking an active part in attacks and military operations carried out by the indicated group.

The detainee had close contact with high-ranking military commanders of the "Islamic State" and he used to be so-called "Naib" of one of the groups of the mentioned terrorist organization.

Investigation is in progress under the article 328 of the Criminal Code of Georgia which envisages joining a foreign terrorist organisation and supporting it in terrorist activities. The crime envisages imprisonment for a term from 10 to 17 years.

The State Security Service of Georgia continues to fight against terrorism. Georgia remains both one of the active members of international counterterrorism system, as well as its trustworthy partner.