State Security Service of Georgia revealed the activities of the “Islamic State” on the territories of various foreign countries (EN)

As a result of operations conducted with the participation of the State Security Service of Georgia and other competent agencies involved in national counterterrorism system, the activities of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” have been revealed on the territories of various foreign countries. One citizen of a foreign country is arrested.

As a result of complex counterterrorism measures, materials and evidences revealing terrorist activities in foreign countries were obtained. We have obtained electronic media device, where satellite images of the strategic facilities of capitals of the USA and European countries were found. 

Within the frames of large-scale counterterrorism measures, the persons linked to terrorist organization, communication forms, methods, spheres of interest and possible targets of attacks abroad are identified.

Taking into consideration the risks of international terrorism, upon the decision of the State Security Service of Georgia, the information obtained within the ongoing criminal investigation was timely shared with the international partners and neighboring countries of Georgia, including Türkiye.

Meanwhile, the State Security Service is actively conducting operational-search, investigative and covert investigative measures. 

The State Security Service of Georgia continues relentless fight against international terrorism. Georgia remains as a reliable partner of the international counterterrorism system.

At the same time, we explicitly exclude the information disseminated in foreign media means on military trainings for terrorism purposes and the existence of training camps on the territory of Georgia.