Anti-corruption Agency under State Security of Georgia Detained One Person on the Fact of Bribery

The officers of Anti-corruption Agency under State Security Service of Georgia, as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities detained Deputy Head of Commission on Recognition of Property Rights under Khelvachauri Municipality Assembly David Kokoladze.

Investigation established, that David Kokoladze by misusing his official powers, during fulfilling his official duties, promised a citizen to register agricultural 947 square meters of land in village Akhalsopheli, Khelvachauri Municipality and in return demanded 3000 US dollars as a bribe.

David Kokoladze received part of the demanded money, 2000 US dollars and was detained on the fact.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of bribery (Article 338, Part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages from 6 to 9 years of imprisonment).

Investigation is carried out by Anti-corruption Agency under the State Security Service of Georgia.