Fight Against Terrorism

One of the main priorities of the State Security Service of Georgia is to fight against terrorism. In the modern world, the global threat of terrorism is constantly changing, unpredictable and ever increasing. The most obvious manifestation of the global threat of terrorism is "Islamic State". However, it does not exclude the threats coming from other terrorist groups ("Al-Qaeda", "Taliban" and others).

Recent developments in the Middle East have negative affect over the Caucasus Region. Although Georgia is not among the countries with high risk of terrorist attack, there are some challenges in this respect.

For Georgia it is vitally important to prevent and suppress any terrorist activities on its territory, as some of the states may rely on such activities for their own military and political intentions. In its counter terrorism activities, the main objective of the State Security Service is the reduction of the risks of terrorism and the protection of the state, its interests and citizens against all forms of terrorist activities. In this regard, the State Security Service has carried out a number of measures.

The aim of the above-mentioned measures was the detection and suppression of activities carried out by international terrorist organizations and persons related to them. Activities of the SSSG also aimed at detecting facts of using Georgian territory as the transit state for participation in military activities in Syria and Iraq. Active search of individuals connected with terrorist organizations, as well as operative control over the individuals and organizations disseminating radical ideology were conducted.

Particular attention has been paid by the SSSG towards prevention of using cyberspace for purposes of dissemination of radical ideology. In November 2015, access to the websites diffusing radical ideology and groups registered in social media were restricted.

In order to prevent the travel of Georgian citizens for the purposes of taking part in hostile activites, appropraite measures are carried out on regular basis. Information is permanently exchanged between the SSSG and parntrer countries on members of terrorist organization and/or associated persons as well as individuals intending to travel via transit.

In order to prevent entering or leaving the country for terrorist activities, border (so-called “green border”, as well as border crossing points) is properly controled in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. Visitors are interviewed. All border crossing points are equipped with detectors of nuclear and radioactive materials/substances. Employees of border management authorities are regularly trained, inter alia, in the detection of forged travel documents.

The State Security Service actively cooperates with the USA, Israel, the UK and Germany in developing counterterrorism capabilities (investigative and analytical trainings), exchanging operative information and planning joint activities in and out of Georgia. Cooperation with neighboring states should be particularly noted.

Considerable attention is paid to enhancing the capabilities of readiness and responses to terrorist threats. National strategic objects and their subsidiary premises that might be the potential targets of terrorist attacks were officially documented and are analyzed in the light of possible risks. In addition, security measures on the places of public assembly bearing high risk (known as easy targets) have been assessed. Special unites responsible for counterterrorism activities are regularly trained/retrained in the field of tactical activities (sniper courses, counterterrorist actions in the urban conditions, operations on destruction of terrorists camps, mountainous training courses, etc.) and demining issues, as well as detection and suppression of means of mass destruction. Support of international partners’ should be noted in this respect. Material-technical base of tactical units for fight against terrorism has been improved.