Anti-corruption Agency under SSG Detained two Individuals and Brought two Indviduals to Criminal Justice

The officers of Anti-Corruption Agency under the State Security Service of Georgia, as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities, on the basis of court ruling detained the citizens of Georgia - Siko M. and Goderdzi M. and brought to criminal justice the citizens of Georgia: Giorgi G. and Gega Dz. on the fact of illegal entrepreneurship and illegal use of mineral resources committed by a group.

Investigation established, that according to the license of LEPL “National Enviromenal Agency”, issued on December 22, 2016, a citizen of Georgia Siko M. was allowed to get 20 000 cubic meters of sand and gravel in a specific contour along the village Meria of Ozurgeti Municipality.

Despite of the mentioned permission, Siko M., aiming at illegal mining in a large quantities, intended to get mineral out of the contour, violating terms of the license.

Aiming at accomplishing his intent, Siko M., alongside with his accomplice Goderdzi M., got in touch with the heads of Limited Liability Company Giorgi G. and Gega Dz. and agreed to get mineral resources using the equipment and its realization.

Within the period of November 1, 2017 including February, 8, 2018 in the adjacent territory of  village Meria of Ozurgeti Municipality, violating the license conditions and outside the state allowed stretch the mentioned individuals got mineral resources in amount of 255 134 cubic meters, this resuled in substantial damage to the environment in a especially large quantities - GEL 342 964,41.The income, obtained through realization of mineral resources through criminal activities by the mentioned individuals amounted to GEL 2 263 005.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of illegal entrepreneurship and illegal use of mineral resources committed by a group (Article 192, Paragraph II, Subparagraph “A” and article 299, Paragraph I of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages from 3 to 5 years of imprisonment)

Within the same case, in 2018, there the head of division of State sub-agencies environmental supervision department and 8 employees under the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia were detained and brought to criminal justice. Performing their official duties, mentioned persons gave preference to Siko M., Giorgi G., Gega Dz. And Goderdzi M. and they did not respond properly to illegal appropriation of the mineral resources by them, as a result of which they concealed a crime committed by a group and the environment suffered damage of several hundreds of thousand GEL.