Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

An investigation has been launched at the State Security Department of State Security Service on October 1, 2020 into the fact of overthrow of state power, a crime envisaged by article 315, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

The basis for the launching of the investigation was operational information of the State Security Department, according to which, particular individuals, in case of undesirable results of the elections, were planning to overthrow state power through violence and for this reason they had been manning up mobile groups by former law-enforcement and military officers.

Various investigative activities have been carried out within the framework of the investigation, witnesses, including the respondents of the news story broadcasted by one of the TV stations have been interviewed, who have provided the investigation with certain information. Member of Parliament, Irakli Kobakhidze has also been interviewed, who provided the investigation with the list of the groups at his disposal, which certain political leaders were planning to use for the implementation of violent actions during the election period. Within the scope of the investigation a person who had handed out the above-mentioned lists has been identified and interviewed.

Intensive investigation is underway at the State Security Department of State Security Service in order to collect evidence and expose criminals. State Security Service will respond appropriately to any unconstitutional, illegal act.