Within the Framework of the Parliamentary Oversight the Trust Group got Familiarized with the Activities of the Operative-technical Agency

The Trust Group of Parliament, within the oversight authority, visited LEPL Operative-technical Agency of State Security Service of Georgia. The head of the Agency got the Members of Parliament familiarized with the information on functions and obligations of the Agency. Technical control of covert surveillance system has been carried out. Representatives of the Agency provided  the members of the Trust Group with a report of the previous year. The head of the Agency has got them familiarized with the plans and goals of the Agency.

„We have got familiarized with the Agency’s specifics on site, as well as with the normative acts which regulate the implementation of measures of electronic oversight, processing, accessing, providing and destroying of the obtained information.  We have also got introduced to material-technical base and technical capabilities by means of which the Agency carries out its powers defined by its mandate, including operative-technical and electronic surveillance measures  defined by Law of Georgia on Counterintelligence Activities, as well as strategic and individual monitoring measures.

We have seen how the electronic system of control including mechanism of suspension of electronic surveillance measures is working, in case of absence of relevant basis. It should be noted that the activities of the Operative-technical Agency is very important and its effective functioning is critically important for  both public order, as well as national security of the country” – the chairman of Defense and Security Committee of the Parliament of Georgia stated.

The Trust Group carries out examination of the Operative-technical Agency systematically on the basis of Law of Georgia on Operative-technical Agency of Georgia”. The Trust Group is authorized to provide recommendations to the Agency in relation to the activities of the Agency.  

According to this Law, LEPL Operative-technical Agency of Georgia provides the Trust Group with the statistic and general report on implemented activities annually.