Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

Alan Japharidze unlawfully detained by the occupation regime of the occupied Tskhinvali region, has been released.

The individual had been unlawfully detained in the vicinities of occupied town of Tskhinvali. The representatives of the occupation regime provided the information on the fact on April 21, 2021 via the “Hot Line”.

The State Security Service has had communication with the Tskhinvali occupation regime via the above-mentioned mechanism on permanent basis.

The EU Monitoring Mission to Georgia has been actively involved in the process. The issue has been discussed at the IPRM meeting.

Information on the fact of unlawful detention has only been made public upon the release of the detainee taking into consideration the best interest of the detainee.

The State Security Service continues its work towards immediate and unconditional release of other unlawful detainees.