Statement Of Security Service of Georgia

Due to the interests of the state security and peaceful co-existence of the citizens, we would like to inform the public that according to the information received within the framework of the investigation ongoing in the State Security Service, a certain group acting both inside and outside Georgia is plotting  destabilization and civil unrest in Georgia, throughout the period of October-December of the current year, the ultimate objective of which is violent overthrow of the government.   

The period of October-December of the current year has been chosen as the beginning of the destructive processes, when the interim conclusion of the European Commission and the final decision of the EU is due to be released. The expectations of the conspirators planning to topple the state government are tailored to the circumstance in which the released conclusion will be negative, which will create a fertile ground for civil unrest and further riots through both information networks at their disposal, as well as by artificially labeling the government as “pro-Russian”.

One of the authors of the mentioned plan is Giorgi Lortkiphanidze, the former deputy of the ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Vano Merabishvili and currently, the deputy head of Military Intelligence of Ukraine, as well as individuals of Georgian origin subordinate to him, including the former member of the third president's bodyguard, Mikheil Baturin, and also a member of Saakashvili's entourage - Mamuka Mamulashvili, commander of the "Georgian Legion" operating in Ukraine. It should be highlighted, that the mentioned plan is going to be carried out through coordination and financial support of foreign countries.

According to confirmed and verified information, quite a big group of individuals of Georgian origin fighting in Ukraine, as well as part of Georgian young people who are under the influence of the interested party, will be used for the implementation of the plan elaborated by Giorgi Lortkiphanidze, who are currently trained/retrained in the vicinities of Poland-Ukraine state border. Organization “Canvas” is used for the training purposes of the youth group who are supposed to participate in the revolutionary scenario. The core of the latter organization is organization “Otpor”. The mentioned organizations had actively participated in revolutionary processes unfolded in Serbia, thus, they are being regularly used in order to train young people in various countries and involve them in destructive processes.

The mentioned individuals are considering various scenarios for the course of events, which include the arrangement of the so-called “Tent City”, putting up of barricades near the central avenues and strategic facilities in Georgia, fortifying and barricading of government buildings, as well as other unlawful acts that include elements of extreme provocation. In particular, it is verified that the organizers are considering the implementation of a scenario in Georgia, which is similar to the “Euromaidan” held in Ukraine in 2014.

It is also known that an explosive device, which the organizers of criminal acts intend to detonate, will be placed in a pre-selected tent within the territory where the rallies organized by Giorgi Lortkipanidze and Mikheil Baturin will take place, namely in the so-called “Tent city”. According to their criminal plan, the abovementioned should cause casualties among the peaceful population participating in the protests and the representatives of the law-enforcement agencies. In the event of a terrorist act, destructive forces hope that there will be an indiscriminate shooting between the law-enforcement officers and protestors, which will create a solid ground for further civil confrontation.

We would like to inform the public that it is not for the first time when the mentioned provocations are planned by the organizers against Georgia, although, they have been prevented in the past through the effective and preventive response by the law-enforcement officers. Considering the challenges of the current difficult geopolitical situation, unlike previous cases, the current plan represents a much higher risk factor that poses threat to the security of the state, as well as life, well-being, and health of the ordinary citizens of Georgia.

In order to neutralize the mentioned risks, the State Security Service implements and will implement all necessary preventive measures in coordination with other competent agencies. Moreover, in order to obtain additional operational information, the Service will address relevant agencies of the partner countries regarding the mentioned issue.