Anti-corruption Agency Detained 5 Persons for Official Duty Negligence

The officers of Anti-corruption Agency under State Security Service of Georgia, as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities exposed Rovshan Mamedov, deputy head of surveillance department under Gardabani Municipality, Nodar Buliskiria, advisor to Gamgebeli in land issues, Valeriani Ivaniashvili, ex-chairman of finance-budget, economics issues and property management commission under Gardabani City Council, Bakur Badridze, ex-member of Gardabani City Council and Ekaterine Aptsiauri, ex Chief officer of military recruitment and registration service under the same municipality for official duty negligence.
Investigation established, that the above-mentioned persons we appointed as permanent members of ownership recognition commission on the basis of 2013 5 June order issued by chairman of Gardabani Municipality City Council.
In 2014, the abovementioned persons didn’t conduct their duties properly and they didn’t analyzed the attached documents thoroughly, broke the law and registered 1,5 Ha land in Mughanlo, Krtsanisi, Martkopi and Norio for 7 citizens and as a result of this negligence state interests were abrogated.
Investigation is in progress on the fact of official duty negligence (Article 342, part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages a fine or up to 3 years of imprisonment.)
Investigation is carried out by Anti-corruption Agency under State Security Service of Georgia.