Statement of the State Security Service of Georgia

I would like to provide you with the current information on investigation concerning anti-terrorist special operation conducted on 21-22 November in Tbilisi on Beri Gabriel Salosi street.

As a result of investigative and forensic activities including DNA tests and dactyloscopy (fingerprints) analysis carried out with the assistance of American colleagues, it was established, that one of the killed individuals is Akhmed Chataev.

The members of the criminal group did not carry any ID documents with them. Our international partners are engaged in the identification process of the mentioned individuals.

In the framework of the investigation, it is being determined how the members of the mentioned criminal group crossed the border of Georgia, as well as activities are being conducted to establish possible linkages with other criminal individuals. 

We would like to provide public with additional information concerning the case. On the basis of information provided by our international partners, the State Security Service of Georgia launched special additional activities with the purpose to neutralize the possible criminal group. In the scope of special operation one individual has been detained.

It is important to highlight that on the initial stage of the operation, Counterterrorism Department under the State Security Service of Georgia conducted negotiations with them during several hours in an effort to convince them to surrender. In line with the negotiations, with the purpose to protect the security of the residents, evacuation process of the residents of the building as well as its vicinities was being conducted.  During the hours-long and intensive operation, their lives and health did not face any danger.

The members of the criminal group rejected the offer of the law enforcers to surrender, opened fire from automatic weapons and threw hand grenades.

The special operation was underway in a densely populated environment and all concrete steps were planned to ensure maximum safety. As a result of 20-hour special operation, 2 members of the criminal group were killed, whereas one individual, Akhmed Chataev who was staying in the flat, blew himself up.

Unfortunately, we lost one of our officers Ivane Golashvili during the operation. The operation left 2 officers of SSSG and 2 officers of MIA wounded.

Disseminated information suggesting that the two members of the criminal group were able to flee from the flat, is not true.

On the current stage of the investigation, the State Security Service of Georgia, alongside international partners, is working to prevent possible threats to ensure maximum public safety.

We once again extend condolences to the famly of Ivane Golashvili.

The lives of the injured Special Forces officers are not in danger and their health condition is satisfactory.

We would like to express gratitude to every employee, Special Forces and police officers, who risked their own lives to protect our citizens.

We also would like to extend gratitude to our citizens for demonstrating patience and cooperation.

State Security Service of Georgia continues the investigation into the case under article 323 part III and article 323 (1) part I  and article 328 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.