State Security Service of Georgia Detained 5 Individuals on charges of Financing, Providing other Material Support and Resources to Terrorist Activities

Counterterrorism Department under the State Security Service of Georgia detained 5 citizens of Georgia in Tbilisi, villages Duisi and Omalo of Akhmeta region this morning: Zurab Gornakashvili, Ruslan Aldamov, Ramaz Margoshvili, Badur Chophanashvili and Temirlan Machalikashvili. The detainees are linked to the group members neutralized in the course of 21-22 November special operation conducted on Beri Gabriel Salosi Street and are their facilitators.

In the moment of detention Temirlan Machalikashvili tried offer resistance to law enforcers. In particular Machalikashvili tried to activate a hand grenade, when proportional force was employed due to extreme need in order to suppress criminal activity and law enforcers opened fire in his direction as a result of which Machalikashvili received firearm injuries in the head.  Machalikashvili is transferred to the hospital.

On this stage of investigation, it is established, that the mentioned individuals facilitated transportation of Akhmed Chataev and his accomplices at first on the territory of Turkey from their temporary housing address to green border of Georgia Kirnati-maradidi section and assisted them in illegal crossing of the border via this section. The detainees facilitated the group members in terms of transportation to Tbilisi, assisted them in renting the flat and obtaining the arms.

As a result of examination of data retrieved from the mobile phones of the detained and killed individuals, concrete caches have been discovered. As a result of joint activities carried out alongside American colleagues, automatic weapon cartridges, bullets, back-packs, maps, binoculars, radio sets and various evidences have been seized.

The individual detained in the course of the special operation has been operationally established with the participation of international partners. He is a citizen of Russia Shoaip Borziev, who is wanted by Interpol on terrorism charges. Identities of individuals killed in the course of special operation are also established: citizen of Russia Ibragim Adashev, who travelled to Georgia in 2010-2012 with various fake passports and Aslanbeg Soltakhmadov.

As a result of investigative activities, audio recordings have been retrieved from the computer and various  electronics which belonged to Akhmet Chataev found in the flat located on Beri Gabriel Salosi Street. According to the records, Akhmet Chataev and his accomplices planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Georgia and Turkey. Their aimed at attacking diplomatic missions.

As a result of operative-investigative activities carried out by Counterterrorism Department under the State Security Service of Georgia and special operation conducted on 21-22 November, those terrorist attacks have been suppressed during the planning process.

Investigative activities are being continued in order to reveal other individuals linked with the criminal group.

Investigation is carried out according to Article 331(1), part III – Financing, Providing other Material Support and Resources to Terrorist Activities which caused grave results. The article envisages imprisonment for a term of 17 to 20 years or life imprisonment.