American Partners Highlight Significant Progress Achieved by Georgia in Accomplishing every Component of the Action Plan

Georgian-American bilateral dialog was held on countering nuclear and radiological material smuggling. The dialog was organized by State Security Service of Georgia and the US Embassy.
The first part of the meeting was dedicated to key achievements made by Georgia within the joint Georgian-American action plan to counter nuclear and radiological material smuggling. As for the second part of the meeting, relevant Agencies held presentations on the issues within their competence in the field.American partners highlight significant progress achieved by Georgia in accomplishing every component of the Action Plan.
They expressed willingness to get familiarized with successful experience with regard to Georgia’s capacity to detect, respond to, seize, safe storage and investigate nuclear and radioactive material smuggling cases.
The event brought together representatives of State Security Service of Georgia, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia, Ministry of Defense of Georgia, Ministry of Finance of Georgia, Main Prosecutor’s Office, Institute of Physics, The US Embassy, State and Energy Departments and Federal Bureau of Investigation.In addition to collaborating closely with the United State of America to counter nuclear smuggling and proliferation, Georgia cooperates with EU, partner countries, UN, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and relevant international organizations.