Representatives of the US Congress arrived in the village Odzisi

Representatives of the US Congress arrived at the occupation line in the village Odzisi within the framework of their visit.


The First Deputy Head of the State Security Service, Aleksi Batiashsvili and the representatives of the Service have got the congressmen familiarized in detail with the grave situation on the ground created as a result of occupation.


“We have got the congressmen familiarized with the security situation in the occupied Tskhinvali region along the Odzisi occupation line. This visit once again highlights American partners’, in particular the US Congress’ support to Georgia’s territorial integrity” - Giorgi Sabedashvili stated.


The attention has been stressed on the so-called borderisation process carried out along the occupation line, also, issues of ethnic discrimination of Georgians, as well as unlawful detention of local residents have been discussed.


“This is a significant message both for the Russian occupation forces, as well as for the international community, that Georgia is not alone and that its partners are strongly supporting Georgia, both in terms of supporting the sovereignty of the country, as well as with regard to solving certain issues in security and humanitarian fields” – Lasha Darsalia, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs stated.


The congressmen discussed the importance of visiting the occupation line in person and getting the information on the occupation on the ground.


“It is important to come and see firsthand the Russian occupation of Georgia and it’s really important in building this relationship between the United States of America and the country of Georgia. I appreciate the invitation. I think it’s important to come here and see it firsthand. It’s one thing to read about on the other hand to come here and see what the occupation zone looks like” – the congressman Bryan Steil stated.


“It’s very important for the world to see the occupation that’s happening here and to let Russians know that we are paying attention and we are greatly concerned about the aggression here. So, there is five of us, congressmen from the United States here to visit and to show that we care and we support the country of Georgia” – the congressman Alex Mooney stated.


“You can read about it but until you hear it and see it in person understanding the size and how important it is  to the country of Georgia about the encroachment from Russian and being able to protect Georgia’s sovereignty it’s really important that we get out here and see it”- the congressman Kelly Armstrong stated.


“We think it’s important for us to be here from the United States. The relationship we have between the United State and Georgia is important. Being able to stand here and see the line where Russia is occupied the Georgian territory it is important to see what is going on in the country we have friendship with and that we work together” - the congressman Ron Estes stated.


The congressmen have stressed the US-Georgia’s friendship, as well as strong support towards Georgia’s sovereignty.


“The United States strongly supports Georgia’s sovereignty and their right to be in their country, and we are very proud to be friends with Georgia and their government and their democracy” – congresswoman Carol Miller stated.