Statement of Security Service of Georgia

Regarding the criminal case investigated by State Security Service of Georgia, on April 7th, 2016 resolution on accusations against a person was issued and on April 8th citizen of Georgia Megis Kardava was accused of criminal charges in absentia, for crime envisaged by article 109, part II, subparagraph “E” and part III subparagraph “G”, on the fact of ordered premeditated murder of Major General Roman Dumbadze committed by group.

Investigation established, that Megis Kardava contacted criminal group in Moscow with the assistance of a mediator and ordered the murder of Roman Dumbadze. On May 21st, 2012, a group comprised of four, liquidated the person mentioned above in exchange for certain amount of money. All four members of the criminal group are sentenced for the committed crime in Russian Federation, the mediator was detained in Georgia and found guilty by Court. Roman Dumbadze was convicted for various grave crimes in Georgia. On 27th August, 2008 Dumbadze was pardoned by then president.

Providing the fact that the criminal case is classified as secret, details are not disclosed due to the investigation interests.