IPRM meeting took place in Ergneti

The 67th IPRM meeting took place in Ergneti. Representatives of the Central Government discussed the difficult situation in the vicinities of occupation line conditioned by illegal installation of barbed-wires, fences and so-called “border signs”, in the vicinities of the occupation lines, causing serious problems to the residents along the both sides of occupation line. The sides also discussed the facts of illegal detentions for crossing of so-called border. Representatives of Central Government have strongly condemned the actions of the occupation forces and delivered detailed information to the parties participating in the meeting.

Georgian party has once again provided the information on Nika Saghirashvili, who went missing on June 28th. It’s worth noting that EU Monitoring Mission Hot Line had operated several times on this issue. Georgian side demanded the information on surveillance cameras installed by occupation forces. Representatives of occupation regime promised to deliver relevant data in the nearest future.

During the previous meeting representatives of Central Government provided the parties with the information on the fact of Bondo Gochashvili tomb raiding on the territory of occupied village Kheiti. As for today’s meeting, the Ossetian side did not confirmed the information on the above-mentioned fact. The works are still under way with the assistance of the Red Cross, which has the mandate in Tskhinvali region.

During the meeting parties also discussed the issue of David Basharuli who was found dead in unclear circumstances.