Terrorist Act Prevented by State Security Service of Georgia

On August 20th, the officers of Counterintelligence Department under State Security Service of Georgia as a result of activities carried out during several months detained 5 citizens of Georgia Beka B, Vladimer R, Mindia V, Jaba M. and Nuri Ch. on the fact of preparation of terrorist act committed by a group, illegal purchase and keeping of firearms, ammunition and explosives with terrorist aims, and assistance in the same crime.

In addition to the persons mentioned above, as a result of joint activities with General Inspection under Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, acting officer of Patrol Police Levan M. was detained for misusing powers, and citizen of Georgia Irakli B. for non-reporting the crime.

Investigation established, that the persons mentioned above were preparing the explosion on open section of Russia-Armenia pipeline in the vicinities of village Saguramo, on the river Aragvi.

With this purpose, on August 20th, the members of the criminal group travelled to the forest in the vicinities of Zhinvali-Shatili highway to collect explosives from the cache.

They collected 4 pieces of 200 gram coils of TNT, two types of fuse, 5 capsule-detonators, 1 so called “Uemkaze” charge, one charge of Russian production, put the abovementioned explosives in the car, when they were detained by the officers of Counterintelligence Department under State Security Service of Georgia.

As a result of additional inspection of the cache, the officers seized 3 automatic weapons with cartridges and ammunition. From the apartment of one detainee, a map was seized with the marked locations which the criminal group was planning to explode.

State Security Service of Georgia prepared a graphic image to better illustrate the locations mentioned above.

Investigation is carried out by Counterintelligence Department under State Security Service of Georgia for crimes envisaged by Article 18-323, part I and II, subparagraph “A”, Article 3231, part I, Article 25-3231, part I, Article 236 part II, article 332, article 376 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.