IPRM Meeting Held in Gali

The 44th meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) format was held in Gali. The representatives of the Georgian central government raised the murder case of Mr. Giga Otkhozoria (Georgian citizen) conducted in village Khurcha, Zugdidi district on May 19, 2016. During the meeting  representatives of the  Georgian central government emphesized the need of detention of Mr. Rashid Kanji-Oghli, the person accused of the murder.

Special attention was paid to the case of the Georgian citizen Mr. Giorgi lukava, who illegally  remains in the so called prison within the occupied Abkhazia region. During the meeting the issues related to the illegal detentions for so called illegal border crossing were discussed. The representatives of the Georgian central government  underlined with the participants, that the illegal detentions for the upmentioned reasons not only violates the fundamental right of the local residents, but also undermines the security envitonment on the ground.

At the meeting, together with the problems caused by the closure of the so called crossing points, there were also discussed all the major incidents recently registered within the region. The next IPRM meeting in Gali will be held on 25th of April, 2017