79th IPRM Meeting Held in Ergneti

79th IPRM Meeting Held in Ergneti .Representatives of Central Government of Georgia alongside participanta of the meeting discussed incidents that took place from June 7th toJuly 10th period of tje current year in the direction of occupied Tskhinvali region, occupation line and its vicinities. During the meetib particular attention was paid to illegal instalation of barbed-wires, fences and so-called border signs in the vicinities of occupation line in June of current year. Representatives of Central Government alongside the participants of the meeting articulated their principle position that this represents illegal process of borderisation, which not only restricts the rights of local residents in freedom of movement, access to the agricultural spots and right to peaceful life as well as damages security situation on the ground.During the meeting representatives of Central Government discussed the issue of citizen of Georgia Giorgi Giunashvili who is illegally imprisoned in so called Tskhinvali prison and stated that sentence passed against him by de facto prosecutor's office is groundless, fully politisized and unconditional release of Giunashvili is essencial.

Among the issues envisaged by the agenda, necessity to investigate a case of Georgian citizen David Basharuli who went missing on 4th of June, 2014 in occupied Akhalgori and found dead under suspicious circumstances on 4th of January, 2015.

 During the meeting Central Government of Georgia introduced some questions that exist in this case and required trasparent investigation in the shortest period of time. Next IPRM meetong will be held on September 7th, 2017.